Aug 18

6 Tips For Smart Grocery Shopping

Are you tired of being surprised at the total each week at the grocery store checkout counter? Grocery shopping does not have to empty your pockets in order to satisfy your family. Keep these 6 helpful tips in mind to save big and start shopping smart at the grocery store:

  1. “Loss Leaders” are the grocery stores way of getting shoppers into the store. Typically, they choose meat products as loss leaders because they located in a place that encourages shopping of other products. Take advantage of this opportunity and purchase meat products at 50-75% off! Freeze the meat so that you always have diverse, cost-effective meat products for your family dinners.
  2. Take advantage of the bulk aisle and salad bars for smaller items that are typically more expensive such as nuts and olives.
  3. Pay attention to prices when picking out your produce. If the produce is priced by unit, go for the heavier items. If the items are priced by weight, grab the smaller product.
  4. Try to be flexible when it comes to the brands you use. There are a variety of products that go on sale, you just have to be accepting of the brand.
  5. Take advantage of the manager’s specials, but be careful. Avoid purchasing meat that might be spoiled in a day or so. Rather, stick to bread products. You can pick up a few loafs of bread and freeze them.
  6. Consider taking advantage of couponing! Everyone’s doing it! There are a variety of phone applications that will make couponing easier, organizing everything for you.

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