Oct 14

7 Times you Could Have Used Renters Insurance

A surprising number of people who rent either an apartment or a house do not have renter’s insurance. If you rent and are not covered by insurance, then you might be leaving yourself open to several large risks. Here are seven situations that could arise where you would seriously need renter’s insurance.

When There’s a Disaster

A fire, lightning strike, storm or electrical surge could cause significant damage to all your belongings. You likely do not have enough saved up to replace everything you own, which is why there is renter’s insurance.

When There’s a Thief

If a thief breaks into your home and steals your belongings, renter’s insurance will help you replace your stolen items.

When You’re Away from Home

Renter’s insurance even covers your belongings when you are away from home. If someone breaks into your car while you are visiting another city and steals your belongings, they will still be covered by renter’s insurance.

When There’s a Vandal

If a thief who broke into your home damaged belongings that he did not steal, those will also be covered by renter’s insurance.

When Your Displaced

Renters insurance will help you pay for a place to stay, if your apartment or rented house is inhabitable.

When Someone’s Hurt

If someone trips over your belongings and hurts himself, you may be held liable. Renters insurance can help protect you.

When You Cause Damage

If you cause property damage, renter’s insurance can help you compensate the owner of that property.

If you are not protected by renters insurance and live in Thousand Oaks, CA, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance today to get a policy.

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