Jul 31

Are you Moving? Make Sure you Have the Proper Coverage!

When you’re moving, there’s so much to do, probably the last thing on your mind is an insurance policy. While that’s completely understandable, it can also be a big problem. You need to make sure you have damage coverage for anything that might get broken or otherwise damaged while you’re moving. You also need rental truck coverage, you don’t want to be driving one of those without adequate insurance. If you get into an accident or damage the truck in some way, you could owe a significant amount of money. Without insurance, what would you do?

Talk to your insurance agent, and ask about the coverage that you currently have. If it won’t cover things like a rental truck, it’s time to make changes. You can usually get this type of coverage added to your policy. Do that before you rent the truck and start moving things. Then you’ll have peace of mind, and you won’t have to worry about financial risk. You can pack your boxes, drive your rental truck, and get settled into your new home.

For information on damage coverage and rental truck coverage in the Thousand Oaks, CA area, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services today.

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