Dec 16

The Drowsy Driving Dilemma!

Avoid Drowsy Driving

Are you planning on staying in town for the holidays? Most individuals have to make some sort of commute in order to reach their holiday destination. With the increased number of individuals on the roads, the holidays are one of the most dangerous days to drive! This is especially true if your holiday destination is further than a short distance.

Most are not able to take time off work during the day before Thanksgiving to start their drive. That means the likelihood that you will be amongst exhausted drivers during your commute is quite high! There are a number of reasons why you should avoid drowsy driving just as much as you should avoid driving intoxicated. Here are a few examples:

  • Your reaction time is dramatically slowed when you have not gotten enough sleep.
  • Your vision is not as sharp when you are sleep deprived.
  • Your brain cannot process information as fast as it usually does when you have failed to provide it with enough sleep.
  • More than 100,000 traffic accidents are due to drowsy driving each year.
  • Those who work long hours, travel a lot for business, or are under the age of 26 are most likely to be involved in a sleep-deprived related automobile accident.
  • If you begin to feel tired, you should turn up your radio! This can help you to stay awake until you reach an area where you can pull over, and take a nap.
  • Over 16% of fatal car accidents are caused by drowsy driving.

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