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Back to School! Is your College Student Covered?

Even though your child is getting ready to leave your home and start college, parental responsibility is never-ending. If your student is going to live on a college campus or off-campus but away from home, parents need to make an insurance review. There are several types of insurance for college students that are worth looking into.

Check with your health insurance carrier. Even if you have coverage for your child, there may be network restrictions if your kid is out of town. If this is the case, talk with your independent insurance agent about getting a school health policy to cover your child away from home. This insurance can save you thousands of dollars if your child becomes sick, or is injured.

Ten years ago, there was little need for renters insurance for students. Basically, all they owned were clothes, books and maybe a radio or TV. Today that has changed. Most students may have a laptop, a Smartphone, and a tablet. On those devices are electronic textbooks that are not cheap. Rooms may have a flat screen TV or an expensive sound system. The cost of a renters policy is well worth the expense to protect your student from the loss of his stuff from fire, theft or other perils. Find out from your independent insurance agent what it will take to get the right coverage.

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