Mar 21

Budgeting your gas for your road trip this spring break

Spring break is a time for letting loose and enjoying yourself, often on a road trip. Consider these helpful maintenance tips for budgeting your gas on your spring break this year:

  • Pre-trip maintenance can help improve your gas mileage because low tire pressure and dirty air filters often reduce the mileage your car receives. Get your car serviced a week before your road trip to avoid any unexpected obstacles.
  • Estimate costs based on how many gallons of gas you’ll need from the beginning of your trip to your destination. Next, you can check the gas prices along the way and calculate which locations you are most likely to stop at during your road trip. Your auto insurance specialist may provide you with a fuel finding service that can help you calculate the exact dollar amount you will spend.
  • Ease off the pedal. Flooring the gas at green lights and exceeding the speed limit reduce the mileage of your car. Therefore, try to stay at a steady speed during your road trip to save gas and improve the mileage of your car. Consider using cruise control for the majority of your road trip.

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