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Do I Need More Business Insurance?

Understanding The Professions That Absolutely Need Insurance

Business owners operating organizations of varying sizes and capabilities must hold various insurance policies to safeguard their investment. With so many different types of insurance policies available for businesses, you may find it difficult to determine which policies are necessary and whether or not the coverage is even essential. We have gathered a list of certain professions that most definitely call for insurance protection:

  • Any business that leases real estate – Whether you lease out your one vacation home during the offseason or multiple properties, you need the proper insurance to safeguard your transactions. The last thing you want is for one damaging liability claim to ruin your property leasing endeavor and cause financial hardships.
  • A business that operates vehicles – Any business that uses even one vehicle to conduct business operations needs commercial auto insurance. By law, you must hold auto insurance in order to cruise, however, if you are driving for business related matters, you must have a commercial policy.
  • Any business that sells a product that has the potential to cause harm – Even if your product is not designed to hurt people, you must protect your business from the possibility of harm. Since you can be liable for any damage or injuries that your products cause, obtaining the necessary insurance protection is extremely important.
  • Businesses that have any employees at all – Even if you have one employee, you must hold workers compensation. This will ensure that any on-the-job injuries will be covered under your policy and you will be safe from litigious harm. Depending on the number of employees you have, you may be required to offer health insurance as well.

Contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services in Thousand Oaks for all of your California business insurance needs. We will help you determine the right policies to purchase and the right amount of coverage to obtain, ensuring that your biggest investment is protected to the fullest.

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