Dec 9

Liability & Holiday Office Parties!

Keep Your Business Protected During Your Holiday Work Party

If you happen to work at an office, then you probably know the next few weeks will be Christmas party planning time! Who does not love an excuse to get together and enjoy each other’s company, as you welcome the holiday season? While holiday parties can be a blast, it is important to keep in mind how the business’s liability could be affected by an accident.

Liability laws differ between states, but the chances that a company would be held liable for an office party-related accident are high. The main area of concern is alcohol consumption. It can be hard to monitor which of your employees has had too much to drink. If one chooses to get behind the wheel, and causes an accident, the business could be paying for it! In some instances, a separate liquor liability policy could be the savior your business needs.

Sexual harassment is another area of concern that should be taken into consideration during the party planning process. Make sure that the company’s sexual harassment policy has been adequately updated. It is beneficial to examine your business liability policy before finalizing office party plans.

If you would like assistance determining if your business liability policy is comprehensive enough, please contact one of the insurance professionals at Weeks & Associates Insurance Services, located in Thousand Oaks! We can tell you what should, and should not be allowed at your holiday party in order to keep your company safe. You should not be responsible for the worry that comes along with all of a business’s risks and liabilities. That is where we come in! Ease your mind, and allow us to protect you by giving us a call, today! We are overjoyed to act as your advocate in the insurance industry.

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