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Car Buying Tips – Automatic Vs. Manual

Choosing The Perfect Car For Your 2015 Purchase

For the many individuals who have buying a car on their to-do-list for 2015, it is important that you take a moment to weigh the pros and cons of both an automatic car and a manual car. This transmission decision will determine your experience on the roads, which is why this decision must be taken seriously. We have gathered a few helpful car-buying tips so that you can choose the transmission that would best suit your particular needs:

Car Buying Tips – Automatic Vs. Manual

  • If power is something you are looking for in your new ride, it may be best to go with a manual car. Cars with manual transmissions are known for their swift acceleration capabilities and power. This also means you will experience enhanced performance.
  • If fuel economy is a top concern of yours, a manual car will likely be your most cost-effective option. However, there are exceptions, so be sure to analyze the fuel economy of varying cars and models before making your final decision.
  • You must also consider the maintenance and repair costs of both options. The experts say that automatic transmissions, despite how far they have come along over the years, still require more servicing than manual transmissions. However, since there are exceptions, you will want to look at the repair history of all cars you are considering.
  • Does your daily commute involve stop and go traffic? If so, chances are you will be extremely bothered by your manual car shortly after purchasing. If you ask any manual car driver, they will likely say that traffic is the only downfall of having a manual car.

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