Jun 2 Combining Car Insurance Policies After Marriage

Deciding Whether To Combine Car Insurance Policies After Marriage? Check Out This Guide to Combining Policies

Decide whether or not you should combine your car insurance policies after marriage.

Congratulations on your wedding. As you combine your lives together, there’s lots to consider. You must decide how to go about arranging your finances, where you want to live, and how to raise children. Additionally, you must think about insuring your lives together. From homeowners insurance to life insurance to auto insurance, you must make a complicated decision. However, when it comes to your car insurance policies, think about whether or not you want to combine policies or leave them separate. Check out this guide to help determine which option makes more sense for your lives.

When to combine policies:

If you both have excellent driving records, combining your policies makes good sense. As married couples tend to be better drivers than unmarried drivers, you will likely get additional savings on your policy. Plus, you may even save money when you take out a policy with multiple drivers. Check with your insurance agent to ensure that combining policies makes sense for you.

When to leave them separate:

In most cases it makes sense to combine your auto insurance policies. However, there are a couple of cases where it doesn’t make sense. If one of you has a few blemishes on your driving record, it could increase both of your premiums. Price is determined by risk. If one of you is a riskier driver, then it may bring up the price of the other’s too, making it more expensive to combine your auto insurance policies.

Make the right decision when thinking about combining your car insurance after marriage. Enlist the help of an expert to help you make the right choice and find the best policies. The professionals at Weeks & Associates Insurance Services in Thousand Oaks, California can help you find the best personal and commercial insurance for your needs. Contact us for more information.

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