Apr 28 DIY Mother's Day Gifts

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Love

Celebrate Mother’s Day with these DIY gifts!

Mother’s Day is almost here! Celebrate your love for your mama in honor of the occasion. Spending the day with her is great, but getting her a gift can get expensive. Check out these unique DIY Mother’s Day gifts for your mom.

Garden In A Box.

Use your crafty skills to make a rustic planter box for your mom. You’ll need three large mason jars, a wooden box, paint, soil, and flowers. Start by painting the box and the mason jars. Let them stand overnight so that they dry. Next, fill the mason jars with soil and pot the flowers. Just be sure not to over water them. For a more lasting gift, consider filling the mason jar with pebbles and using fake flowers. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful gift that can jazz up any table.

Pretty As A Picture.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Make a statement and give your mom a heartfelt photograph. Look for a beautiful frame to decorate yourself and choose your favorite family photo. It’s a wonderful gift that helps bring you all back down memory lane.

Floral Soap.

Whether used for the guest bathroom or a spa day, check out these homemade floral soaps. They’re a great, easy way to show your mom that you care. All you need is some clear soap bars, flower petals, chocolate molds, and essential oils and you’re good to go. Melt the soap in the microwave in 30-second increments, stirring in between each interval. Once it’s melted, add in several drops of the essential oils and stir. Add the flower petals to your chocolate molds and pour your soap mixture into the molds. Let the soap cool and pop out your new mini floral soaps.

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