Oct 9

Do I Need a Personal Umbrella Policy?

With the rise of lawsuits in recent years, many people are thinking, “When might I need more coverage?” People are afraid they might not be fully covered, because people are suing for larger and larger sums. For those who have assets to protect, a personal umbrella liability policy can supplement other insurance policies coverages.

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

A personal umbrella liability policy covers people above and beyond what their homeowners and auto insurance policies offer. If there is a major incident in which you are liable, personal umbrella insurance will protect you and your assets. Coverage typically starts at $1 million and increases in million-dollar increments; there is no limit to how much coverage you can purchase.

If you have assets that you do not want to lose, then a personal umbrella policy may be a wise investment. Contact Weeks & Associates Insurance, who have been helping people in Thousand Oaks, CA determine their individual insurance needs for years, today for help deciding on how much coverage you should have.

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