Aug 5

Does my insurance transfer over when I rent a car?

The most common question drivers have when renting a car is whether their insurance coverage includes the auto rental. No one wants to pay for duplicate coverage when renting a car, but it is also extremely important to be properly insured. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, “It depends.”

Auto Insurance Coverage

Drivers who have comprehensive and liability coverage through their standard auto insurance policy are generally covered for car rentals, but they should confirm this with their auto insurance agent. As long as the rental car is not significantly more valuable than their personal vehicle, the coverage should transfer and be adequate.

Credit Card Coverage

Many credit card companies offer some coverage on car rentals, which can be used to supplement one’s auto insurance coverage. Drivers should contact the company of the credit card they will be using to pay for the rental and ask what type of rental car coverage they offer. This is usually free.

The above answers are generally true, but it is important to confirm your specific coverage with an insurance agent. Drivers in the Los Angeles area or South Valley can contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services to discuss their coverage.

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