Jul 3

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness: Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Earthquakes can happen anywhere, but California is a hotspot for them. It’s very likely that you’ve already heard a lot of earthquake safety tips. It’s not about just hearing them, though. It’s about putting them into practice and making sure you know what you should be doing to protect yourself. If you aren’t prepared for an earthquake, you can end up in a dangerous or even deadly situation when one strikes. Have an emergency plan, and go over it often. Make sure all of your family members in the household do the same.

Also be sure you have food and water supplies to last you for at least a few days. Bottled water and canned goods are very important items to have if a quake strikes. The same is true for blankets, flashlights, and a first aid kit. You want to be able to handle all of your basic needs for several days. There might not be any emergency aid for a while, depending on where you live and the strength of the quake. Protecting yourself and having a plan are your two biggest allies.

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