Aug 27

Eight Tips for A Safe Workplace

Business owners and executives have an obligation to make sure that the workplace is a safe environment. There is no question that safety is a leading issue in the workplace; here are some key safety tips:

Tip # 1: Safety at work is not a solo task – every member of the team must participate. Participation begins by making sure that every team member knows the safety requirements before beginning the job.

Tip #2: On the job, workplace safety is your responsibility.

Tips #3: Good communication skills are necessary with your co-workers while working a job in order to ensure safety.

Tip #4: No matter the deadline, never take a shortcut. Always follow appropriate safety procedures.

Tip #5: Workstations should be orderly and clean.

Tip #6: Clean up after yourself. If you create a mess, it is your responsibility to clean it up. Do not expect to make safety someone else’s responsibility.

Tip #7: Pathways to emergency exits, emergency shutoffs, and emergency equipment have to be accessible at all times. Never block them with idle forklift trucks, temporary storage, or other obstacles.

Tip #8: Hazards that cannot be removed should be clearly identified and have prominent signage in order to prevent incidents.

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