Oct 5 Fall Home Maintenance Thousand Oaks CA

Your Easy Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Get your home ready for fall with these maintenance to-dos!

Fall is in full swing, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like it just yet here in Southern California. Even though the weather’s been warm lately, experts are predicting a wet winter filled with storms so it’s important to be prepared for changing seasons!

Get your home ready to weather whatever the rest of the year brings our way with this fall home maintenance checklist.

  • Seal Security. It’s time to get out your caulking gun and go to work. Patch up the seals around all of your doors and windows so they can keep rain out this winter.
  • Gutter Gutting. This is the perfect time of year to get serious about cleaning out your gutters. Make sure your downspouts are clear, too, and that they will pour away from your foundation.
  • Filter Fun. When was the last time you replaced the air filter on your HVAC system? If it’s been more than a few months, swap yours out for a clean one so your system won’t have to work overtime blowing warm air into your home.
  • Chimney Chum. Chimney sweeps aren’t just from Mary Poppins! Bring out a professional to inspect your fireplace and chimney before you light a fire this winter.
  • Alarm Attention. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide monitor in your home, buy one today! A faulty furnace could put your family in serious danger if you don’t have this small device to warn you. If you do have this detector, replace the batteries and test it out.

Another important piece of preparing your home for the coming seasons is reviewing your Thousand Oaks homeowners insurance policy. Does your home have the protection it needs? To find out, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services today!

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