Sep 30

Great Apps for your Mind and Body

Phones are great for more than just keeping in touch with your friends and family. With the great technology that is available today, you have thousands of different apps to choose from. There are a lot of apps for working out and apps to stimulate your mind. Apps are great on-the-goal programs that are able to keep you busy when you are bored. Some of the apps that are available are addictive!

Chakra Color

This is one app that thousands of people download and enjoy. This app offers color therapy at its best. When you are feeling down and out, bright and vibrant colors have the ability to brighten up your day and make you happy.

Dream Book

Dream Book is an app that enables you to keep track of your dreams. If you forget one or two days to list your dreams, this app reminds you. This is one app that is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. If you have ever wondered what your dreams mean, this is the perfect app for you.


Mediator is yet another app that is available that helps you to meditate and relax. This is an awesome app for you to use when you have had a stressful day or a lot of situations occurring at once. Mediator provides you with soothing chiming sounds to help you unwind from your day.

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