Apr 6 Protect Your Pets from These Harmful Foods to Keep Them Healthy and Happy

Protect Your Pets from These Harmful Foods to Keep Them Healthy and Happy

Avoid these foods to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Your pets are part of your family. You do your best to take care of them, from buying the best scratching post for your cat to taking your dog for daily walks. However, there are dangers lurking around your home for your pets, specifically when it comes to food. Your pets and you have different physiology, and therefore, you digest foods differently. What may be perfectly safe for you to eat may not be safe for your pet. Check out these foods that are harmful to your pets.


Onions and related foods like garlic and shallots (including powders!) shouldn’t be ingested by your pet. These foods affect your pet’s red blood cells and can lead to anemia, vomiting, and lethargy.


Grapes and grape products have been found to cause kidney failure in your pets. Avoid feeding your pets grapes to help protect them from symptoms like dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, and even death.


Avocados have a chemical called persin that is harmful to your pets. When your pets ingest this chemical, they experience serious abdominal discomfort and symptoms such as vomiting.

Artificial Sweetener.

Avoid giving your pets anything labeled “sugar-free.” These types of products usually have artificial sweeteners in them that can make your dog seriously ill, particularly when it comes to a chemical called xylitol. This chemical leads to symptoms such as disorientation, seizures, and liver failure.

Macadamia Nuts.

When it comes to keeping your pets healthy, steer clear of macadamia nuts. These nuts can cause illness such as fever, tremors, pain, and weakness in your pet.

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