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Knowing Which Headlights To Use In Varying Driving Conditions

Which Headlights To Use When

Unfortunately, there are an overwhelming number of motorists who do not know the proper headlights to use in different driving conditions. This is extremely dangerous as visibility must be prime on the roads, and your headlights can make a big difference. We want you and others to remain safe on the Californian roads, which is why we have collected guiding points for choosing which headlights to use during certain driving conditions:

  • Daytime Running Lights – You should use your daytime running lights when the weather is fair and it is light outside. These lights were developed to ensure that visibility on the roads could be enhanced during the daylight hours. Did you know that in Canada every vehicle is required to have daytime running lights? This is due to the enhanced safety factor that simply cannot be overlooked.
  • Low Beams – When it is dark and the weather is less than favorable (heavy rain, sleet, fog, or snow) you should use your low beam lights. A standard rule of thumb is to use your low beams whenever visibility is hindered.
  • High Beams – If the weather is extreme but it is daytime, use your high beam lights. It is extremely important that you use your high beams in poorly lit areas and rural zones. These headlights give you long-range illumination, enhancing visibility. However, you must remember to turn your high beams off when other cars are approaching you, especially at night. While this may seem like common sense, many motorists fail to remember, hindering the visibility of oncoming vehicles.

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