Oct 27 Teach Your Kids About Healthy Halloween Candy Habits

Teach Your Kids About Healthy Candy Habits this Halloween!

Encourage your kids to be healthy when it comes to their Halloween candy!

Halloween is a festive time of year. It’s a holiday full of plenty of pumpkins, witches, and black cats. However, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without candy. From candy corn to king sized chocolate bars, trick-or-treating for the best loot is a large part of the holiday fun. However, it’s important to be health conscious. When it comes to your kids’ Halloween candy consumption, ensure that they establish healthy habits. Check out what you need to know about managing your child’s Halloween candy consumption with these tips.

Stress Moderation.

Teach your kids that it’s okay to enjoy candy every so often, but instill the concept of moderation. Going overboard with the candy is physically unhealthy, but it’s also mentally unhealthy to deny your kids any candy. Set a rule, where your children are able to choose one piece of candy each day.

Portions are Important.

Remember that your kids’ anatomy is different than that of an adult. Keep their tiny stomachs in mind when you let them choose their piece of candy. The average portion size for your child should be about 100 calories. That way your child can enjoy their candy without any adverse health effects.

Swap Out Candy for Toys.

Make a deal with your kids to trade their candy for toys! That way you can avoid a sugar overload. Make the toy options festive and choose Halloween stickers, temporary tattoos, or spider rings.

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