Nov 29

Here is how to properly hang your Christmas lights for the holiday season

It seems simple enough, but hanging Christmas lights can be full of hazards. From hanging tips to safety tips, here are some ways to make sure hanging your Christmas lights this year will impress onlookers and be a safe activity.

1) Measure the lengths- Make sure that you have enough lights to adequately decorate your home. You may need to buy 50-foot strings in order to cover more space.

2) Test your lights- Make sure your lights are properly working! You do not want to go out into the blistering cold only to find that your lights are not working properly. Worse is that a broken or loose bulb could be a fire hazard.

3) Take the time to properly set up a ladder- No one wants to spend Christmas vacation in the emergency room. Make sure you use a sturdy stepladder. If it is windy outside then wait until the weather improves before you hang your lights.

Follow these simple tips and you will ensure that you home looks fantastic this Christmas. If you are looking for homeowners insurance this holiday season, contact us at the Weeks & Associates Insurance website to see how we can help you meet your needs.

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