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Curbing Christmas Crime in The Home

Theft is most likely to occur during the season of gift-giving!

The festive season is a time for quality family time, exchanging gifts, and cozying up to the fireplace. As it turns out, it’s also a time for high-crime and theft.

Crime, unfortunately, skyrockets around the holidays. Nearly 400,000 burglaries taking place across the nation every year between November and December! With that said, families should be extra vigilant during the winter months, especially if your home is filled with shiny, new gifts or if you have impending travel plans.

Utilize these tips to keep your home, gifts, and family protected during the holidays:

  • Install a home security system: The biggest deterrent for burglars is an alarm system! The device can look after your home while you are not there to do so.
  • Don’t post travel plans on social media: Yes, you may only publicize your two-week Mammoth vacation to your friends on Facebook, but should this information fall into the wrong hands, thieves can be tempted to pay your vacant home a visit.
  • Don’t flaunt your gifts: Similarly, exposing your high-value, expensive items can encourage theft.
  • Time your lights: If you’re leaving over the Christmas period, put your lights on a time so that they automatically switch on and off. From the street, lights on in the house tend to signal that someone is inside to turn them on.
  • Place Christmas trees out of the window: While a perfectly lit and decorated tree looks wonderful from the exterior, people can clearly see your presents. Stash your gifts away or place your tree elsewhere.
  • Update your home’s entry points: Burglars are lazy! They prefer to go for homes that are an easy target and with wobbly windows and doors, your home can be just that! Secure your home with deadbolts, examine window and door frames, and update if necessary!

While you’re busy shopping for the perfect gift, spare a thought for your home. Protecting it will serve you well in keeping the holidays cheerful! Review your homeowners insurance coverage so that you have enough protection for your home and belongings should there be a peril, such as theft.

For a policy tailored towards your home and budget, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services, serving Thousand Oaks and the neighboring areas of California.

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