Dec 21 Holiday Travel Safety Tips Thousand Oaks, CA

Holiday Travel Safety Tips for You & Your Family

These holiday travel safety tips ensure smooth travels!

The holidays are a time for making memories with friends and family. Chances are your holiday season is going to involve some travel. So whether your flying or driving, stay safe this holiday season with these holiday travel safety tips!

  1. Pack gifts in your carry-on luggage. That way you know they won’t get lost or stolen.
  2. Leave your valuables at home. If you do need to bring something valuable pack it in your carry-on and avoid leaving it in your car.
  3. Make copies of your passport and/or ID, especially for international travel. Leave a copy with a trusted friend or relative in case you run into some trouble on your travels.
  4. Bring any necessary medicines with you. Put them in your carry-on in case your checked luggage gets lost.
  5. Check with your health insurance provider to see if you’re covered where you’re traveling. Notify them that you’re traveling to prevent any hurdles if you need to use your insurance while you’re away.
  6. Pack extra contact lenses and an extra pair of glasses. In case anything happens to your current pair, you want to be able to see!
  7. Don’t over pack. Keep your luggage light. You can check it on the plane and avoid the baggage claim. But make sure to check the TSA restrictions.
  8. Diversify your money! When traveling bring a credit card, but use cash too. Use small bills and never advertise that you’re carrying extra travel money. If traveling internationally call your credit card company to make sure you’ll be able to use your card, but be aware there may be foreign transaction fees. Also, note that not all countries accept all credit card types.
  9. Make sure someone knows where you’ll be. Send a friend or relative your itinerary, but don’t advertise your travel plans on social media. If you advertise you’re out of town, you may become a target for theft.
  10. Bring hand sanitizer! The holiday season is also flu season. During holiday travel you’ll be confined in small spaces with lots of germs. Make sure to sanitize!

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