Nov 24 Holiday Travel Safety Tips Thousand Oaks CA

Traveling For The Holidays This Year? Stay Safe!

If you’re planning to hit the road this holiday, brush up on safety!

The holidays are a time when many families hit the road to visit loved ones, have their annual skiing trip, or just have a Christmas getaway! Either way, the roads are packed over the holidays!

Before heading out on your road trip this year, spare a few minutes to review safety tips that will see you, your family, and your vehicle through Thanksgiving and beyond!

Make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition. Take your car to your local mechanic for a quick examine to make sure everything is in good condition. Ask them to check your battery’s life, engine, and transmission to be safe!

Check your car’s exterior. Make sure that your wipers are up to the challenge of rain, snow, sleet, and that your tires have got enough life left! If the tread is wearing thin, play it safe and get some new ones before your road trip.

Plan your route. Plan multiple. With the digital technology at our fingertips, you’re able to plug your destination into your GPS or smartphone, and several different routes will be offered. Note the recommended way, but be ready to change routes just in case there are accidents or heavy traffic.

Pack an emergency kit. You should always store water, non-perishable food, blankets, flashlights, a battery-powered radio, snow chains, a snow shovel, ice melt, ice scraper, a first aid kit, and other essentials should you get stuck!

Rest up. Take frequent rest stops or take turns driving so that you don’t get too tired whilst driving. Driving whilst fatigued can slow your reaction times.

Keep roadside assistance numbers on hand and your policy number, too. Stay with your car until the tow truck or assistance arrives!

Store valuables out of sight. Expensive devices such as cell phones, GPS devices, and tablets should be kept in the glove compartment or trunk whenever you leave your vehicle.

Your auto insurance policy can protect you should you face an accident or incident whilst on your travels! Make sure that you have sufficient coverage before hitting the road! Serving Thousand Oaks and the neighboring cities, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services for auto insurance that you can rely on.

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