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Conduct a Home Inventory

Create a New Home Inventory for 2016!

The start of the new year is the perfect time to take note of what you have. Get organized and create a home inventory to keep your home and belongings safe. Here’s what you should look at when conducting your home inventory.

The sooner the better.

Don’t wait to take a home inventory. The sooner you conduct your inventory, the better. You’ll be prepared to file a claim at a moment’s notice, making the process run smoothly.

Appreciation value.

The value of your belongings fluctuates. While many items decrease in value, there are items that can increase their worth over time. High value items such as artwork or jewelry can appreciate. Make sure you notify your insurance agent of these items as part of your home inventory.

Document it.

In some capacity you should document all your personal belonging. Whether your take pictures, make a video, or keep a digital catalog you’ll be better able to keep track of all your belongings. There are pros and cons to each method. With a video you can simply walk through your home and cover a variety of belongings at once, while verbally documenting what you own. A photograph allows you to keep track of individual items and make more detailed notes on the back of the photograph about the item. In either case remember to open drawers and take note of the content. The digital catalog is beneficial in that you can keep a record that you can access remotely, if need be.

Keep your list safe.

Make sure that you have access to your list in the event of an accident, or damage to your home. Store it away from your home; in the event that you need to file a claim, it may have gotten lost or damaged. Keep it in a safety deposit box, or with a trusted friend or relative.

Keep your personal belongings safe with homeowners insurance. The professionals at Weeks & Associates Insurance Services in Thousand Oaks, California can help you find the best insurance for your needs. Contact us for more information.

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