May 14

Home Safety Tips to Prevent Burglary

Although most home insurance policies cover the cost of replacing items stolen during a burglary, it’s better to prevent it from happening to begin with. Implementing some simple safety measures around the home will stop thieves in their tracks.

Secure the Front Door

Preventing burglary starts with ensuring you have the proper lock on the front door. Installing a deadbolt is a must, as other locks can be picked by professional thieves. In addition, make sure that the porch area surround the door is well lit at night. Install a timer on the light before leaving for vacation so that it appears as though someone is home.

First Floor Windows

Windows located at the ground level are a primary entry method for burglars. Secure these windows with extra locks. Then, install an alarm on each one that emits a loud squeal if the window is opened. For added protection, plant bushes or shrubs containing thorns below the windows.

Sliding Glass Doors

Those with sliding glass doors should install an additional barrier mechanism to prevent entry. Metal jammer rods are easily installed to prevent the door from opening even if the lock is picked. Frugal homeowners can accomplish the same task by inserting a short piece of wood into the door jamb.

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