Nov 9 Honor Our Heroes on Veterans Day

Honor Our Heroes on Veterans Day

Show our veterans your gratitude this Veterans Day.

Not to be confused with Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day is an annual day of thanks for all living veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces. This Veterans Day, make sure you show your appreciation for the bravery shown by all our service members. Here are some ways you can show your gratitude.


One of the easiest ways to show your thanks is by donating to organizations that offer support or services to our veterans. Some great foundations that are deserving of your financial backing include: Wounded Warrior Project, Homes for Our Troops, and Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

Attend an Event

For a more hands on way to show your appreciation, you can attend one of the many parades, events, or fundraisers that are held in honor of Veterans Day. This is a good opportunity to gather your loved ones and show your support for the members of our military. Simply showing up will let our veterans know that we are thinking about them.

Visit a VA Hospital

Oftentimes, veterans in the hospital do not receive regular visitors. Show these veterans that you care about them by taking the time to visit or assist the hospital staff. This Veterans Day, giving the gift of your company and conversation can brighten a veteran’s day.

Thank a Veteran

Finally, the most direct way to show your appreciation is by reaching out and directly thanking a veteran. Most of us have a family member or friend who has served in the military, so this Veteran’s Day reach out and thank them for their service. Just keep in mind that many veterans may not want to talk about their time serving, and that’s okay. Be supportive and noninvasive. Sometimes your silent support is the best gift you can give.

Use these suggestions to express your gratitude this Veteran’s Day. We at Weeks & Associates Insurance Services would like to thank all our veterans for their brave service to this country.

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