Jul 22

How Remodeling your Home can Affect your Insurance

Doing a home remodel can be exciting. You get to change things and make them just the way you want. New kitchens and bathrooms are common choices, but you may also do work on the other rooms of your home. Some people even enclose porches or decks, adding onto their home that way. Converting the garage to a usable living space is another popular choice. Before you do the work, though, talk to your insurance agent.

Depending on what you’re doing, you could get a break on your policy. You also might see the price go up a little bit. For example, enclosing a porch or deck and making it a part of your home increases the square footage of your house. That means it’s going to cost more if your house has to be rebuilt. Since the replacement cost is higher, your insurance policy will need to be raised to compensate for that. The change probably won’t be very expensive, but it’s still important to consider. By finding out the cost ahead of time, you can decide if you want to move forward with the home improvements you have planned.

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