Aug 4

How To Gain Control if Your Brakes Go Out

One of the most terrifying experiences as a driver is having your brakes fail while on the road. While panicking may be your first instinct, it is important that you remain calm and follow these safety steps to control the situation:

  • Most importantly, don’t panic. You must remain calm so that you can safely get off of the road.
  • Most cars have a dual braking system. Therefore, you may be able to gain a little bit of control back, unless both halves of the system have failed. Try to apply strong and consistent pressure to the brakes to see if you can at least slow the car down.
  • Start reducing your speed. If you have an automatic car, you can slow down by keeping your foot away from the accelerator. If you are driving a manual car, you can shift down the gears to slow the vehicle down. If neither of these options work, you can use the emergency brake with caution.
  • Next, safely start maneuvering to the slow, or right lane. Turn your hazard lights on and slowly move over.
  • Once you have reached a slow speed and are in a safe location away from oncoming traffic, start using your emergency brake to stop completely. Be careful in doing so, and release pressure if you begin to swerve at all.
  • Do not turn your car off until you have stopped to prevent limited power steering.
  • Once you have safely pulled over, stay safe and remain out of the way of oncoming traffic. Seek professional assistance.

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