Sep 5

Lifestyle Habits: Improving and Maintaining Your Quality of Life

As we say farewell to summer, it is important that we reintroduce healthy lifestyle habits back into our lives. As you have likely enjoyed summer and the lack of routine, you may be feeling the need to start improving and maintaining your quality of life. Gathered are some helpful tips to promote a healthier, and happier lifestyle:

  • Water – Do you drink enough water each day? The majority of individuals fail to drink the recommended amount of water each day. Start each day with a tall glass of water and you will significantly improve your quality of life. You may want to consider carrying a reusable water bottle with you at all times so that you will be reminded to drink more water.
  • Sleep – Getting enough hours of sleep each night is crucial for being happy and healthy. Insufficient sleep typically leads to excessive caffeine consumption and can even cause premature aging.
  • Exercise – Improving your quality of life is impossible without a little exercise. You need to get out and move a little each day! You do not have to run on the treadmill each day to say that you exercised. Try different forms of exercise and find one that you enjoy. Whether you choose to do yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, or swim a few laps, it is important that you move on a daily basis.
  • Fruits – The amount of health benefits that can be found through fruit consumption is amazing! Add melons, berries, and avocados to your daily diet and you will feel like a transformed person!
  • Vegetables – Do you follow the recommended vegetable intake and consume 5-9 servings of vegetables daily? The majority of individuals do not. Try adding vegetables to each meal.
  • Most importantly, love yourself – Do not think of these things as annoying tasks, rather, think of them as lifestyle habits that are necessary for a happy and healthy life.

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