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May 30 gavel on top of law books

What to Know About Insurance Fraud

What insurance fraud entails. While telling a small lie or concealing the truth might not seem like a big deal, it can cause a serious issue when it comes to your insurance.  This is because being anything less than truthful with your insurance provider constitutes insurance fraud.  But what exactly is insurance fraud and why Read More

Apr 11 street signs that read "lie" and "truth"

Homeowners Insurance Myths Debunked

Make sure you don’t fall for these home insurance myths. Navigating the home insurance market is complicated as it is and common coverage misconceptions only make things more confusing.  To ensure that you do not get sidetracked by these myths, here are some of the most common ones explained and debunked. Myth 1- All My Read More

Mar 28 Why Your Auto Insurer Will Look at Your Claims History

Why Your Auto Insurer Will Look at Your Claims History

Here’s how your past claims will affect your auto insurance rates. Among the many factors that affect your auto insurance rates, your past claims history is one of the most heavily weighted considerations.  But why exactly do auto insurance providers care so much about the claims that you’ve filed in the past?  Here’s what you Read More

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