Jul 8

Is your condo insured?

When you buy a condo you might notice right away that you do not own all of it. For first time owners they may be surprised that they have to insure the home from the studs of the walls in (including all of the flooring and fixtures). Here are some things to think about when insuring your condo.

Is Your Condo Really Insured?

  • The condo association is responsible for insuring the outside of the complex. You will need to have a condo policy to take care of the inside.
  • Each owner in the complex may have to help cover the deductible of the master policy. You can get a copy of the policy from the owner.
  • Make sure you get a policy that is not actual cash value. This means that the insurance company will only pay the depreciated value of the item.
  • Get a policy that covers wind and flood damages. In some area of the countries these are not covered on a regular home policy.

If you have questions about condo insurance, then please contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services. They can help you determine what kind of policy you need for your home and answer any questions you may have.

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