Dec 23

Is your Food Truck Properly Insured?

Your expertise is in the food business, but you probably don’t want to think too much about insurance. However, all business owners, including those in the food truck industry, need to be protected by the proper insurance coverage. Here are the basic reasons why you need insurance:

Auto Liability- Food trucks are large vehicles that contain oils and other flammables. In the event of an accident you need to make sure that your costs are covered. You will also need commercial auto insurance to cover your vehicle.

Auto Physical Damage- You need to have all kinds of coverage for your food truck. You will need comprehensive coverage, including collision coverage in order to protect your truck if you are at fault in an accident, if the truck is stolen vandalized, or catches fire.

General Liability- As a member of the food industry, you will need to cover bodily injury and property damage that is not related to auto accidents. The largest claims are claims that have to do with food.

If you are looking for commercial auto insurance to properly cover your food truck business, contact us at the Weeks & Associates Insurance website to find the plan that best fits your needs.

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