Jul 21

Staying Active All Summer Long

While summer is a time for relaxing and taking a break from the typical routine of life, it is important that we do not let our children’s brains and minds become idle during this off time. Physical fitness can be enjoyable and provides numerous physical benefits, crucial for healthy growth and living. Take these helpful tips into consideration to add physical activity to your family’s summer activities:

  • Plan two days a week where you and your family bike together. Cycling offers amazing health benefits and is a good habit to get your children acquainted with. During the school year, consider cycling with your children to and from school.
  • Participating in a walk or run for charity is the perfect way to boost morals and encourage your children to take part in life changing activities. Your children will not only get some exercise in, but they will also feel great doing so. Consider picking a charity event that hits closer to home or pick a cause that affects one of your family members.
  • Summer club leagues are a great way to get your children ahead of the game and meet new friends while exercising. Whether you choose to enroll them in a soccer, football, tennis, or swimming summer league, they will be able to learn more when many of their competitors will be relaxing all summer long.
  • Plan a weekly beach day with the entire family. The beach allows for exercise and fun in all areas. Your children can enjoy swimming, surfing, running, walking, playing, and plenty more. Pack a yummy, healthy picnic so the fast food vendors aren’t too tempting.

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