Nov 13

Which States Can You Cruise With Peace of Mind?

Rather than providing you with a fearful list of how dangerous certain states are for driving, we have decided to evaluate the roads with an alternative perspective. In determining the least dangerous states for driving, we took a look at the age in which motorists can obtain their driver’s license, police presence, and population. When it comes to safe driving, you must determine where the safest drivers live. Gathered is a list of the least dangerous states for drivers, some of which may surprise you:

  • Massachusetts – There are a variety of factors that go into the safety ranking of this New England state. For one, young drivers are not granted their learners permits until they turn 16 years old. Additionally, there is a heavy presence of police on the Massachusetts roads and the second lowest ranking of fatal car accidents.
  • New York – This one may surprise you, but the congested population makes it almost impossible to speed. Yes, driving on the New York roads may be overwhelming if you have not lived there all your life, but it is ranked as one of the safest states for drivers.
  • New Jersey- Similarly, the congested roadways in New Jersey provide a safer driving environment.
  • Virginia – This state is actually ranked one of the safest states for driving, across multiple fronts. Many attribute Virginia’s safe rankings due to the fact that the state government controls the roadways, as opposed to each individual county authority.
  • Utah – Perhaps Utah’s safety ranking and minimal alcohol-impaired driving fatalities can be attributed to 62% of its population belonging to the Mormon Church.

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