Aug 18 Lesser Known Rules of the Road & Auto Insurance Thousand Oaks, CA

Check Out What You Need to Know About These Lesser Known Rules of the Road

Learn how these secret rules of the road can help your driving skills.

Driving is challenging enough. With so many cars on the road, it’s vital to stay focused on the road. However, driving doesn’t have to be as demanding as possible. When it comes to learning the tricks of the trade, you can improve your driving habits. Check out these little-known rules of the road so that you can make driving even easier.

Exit Sign Placement.

When driving down the highway, you likely don’t think twice about finding your exit unless you’re headed into new territory. When you’re unfamiliar with an area, finding the right freeway exit can be a nightmare. Alleviate your stress and pay attention to the sign placement. The signs on the road will warn you when your exit is nearing and which side your exit will be on. If it’s on the right, your exit will likely be on the right. If it’s on the left, it will likely be on the left.

Highway Numbers.

North, south, east, and west are all useful tools when it comes to navigation. Rather than using a compass or the sun’s location, using highway numbers. Interstate highways are numbered based on the direction that they run. Even numbers run north and south, while odd numbers run east and west. The next time you need help figuring out where to go, check out the freeway number.

Roadway Markers.

When driving on the highway, your lanes are flanked with raised bumps called Bot’s Dots. These bumps help to keep you in your lane so that you don’t run into trouble. If you ever see a blue bump in the middle of the road, it’s an indicator that a fire hydrant is nearby.

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