Jan 1

Making Sure Your Gifts Are Covered This Christmas

Let’s face it. When you think of Christmas gifts you are not likely to think about insurance. There are many other things to think about this time of year. If you give or get a significant gift however, it may be an issue to consider.

For example, insuring jewelry, ATVs, collectibles or other large gifts may take extra steps including an insurance rider. Insuring gifts of this magnitude may not be covered under your current homeowners insurance policy. The holidays can be made brighter and safer by making sure your new gifts are properly covered.

Call us at Weeks & Associates Insurance for a no obligation, free insurance review. We’ll take a look at your homewoners policy to make sure these new additions are properly covered. Even taking this simple step may uncover new ways in which you can save. If you live in the Thousand Oaks region of California, contact us today. While many insurance companies miss these details, we will keep you on top of changes that may affect your coverage.

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