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Go Green: Motorcycle Fuel Alternatives

Get Around With These Alternative Fuels

By buying a motorcycle, you already did a great thing for the environment. Sure, you gave up some of the comfort of a car, but you also gave up harmful emissions and gas guzzling! Still not satisfied? If you truly want to go green, consider using motorcycle fuel alternatives to power up your bike.

First, you will need to get an engine that can run on multiple types of fuel. When on the hunt for the right engine, look for one that is flex-fuel. Flex-fuel engines are becoming increasingly popular and affordable in the United States. Once you have a flex-fuel vehicle, you will be able to fill up on an ethanol as well as gasoline.

Ethanol is made in the United States from plant material. Usually, we get our ethanol from corn, a plant that we have in abundance. That means that ethanol is renewable! The ethanol blends you will mostly likely see are E85 and E10, which is the percentage of ethanol in the gas (e.g. E85 is 85 percent ethanol). E10 gas can be used in any vehicle that uses gasoline and was manufactured after 1980, so it is a great way to start reducing your gasoline usage. To use E85, you need a flex-fuel vehicle.

If you are really passionate about going green, you can convert your motorcycle’s gasoline engine to run on compressed natural gas, which is one of the cleanest burning fuel alternatives out there! Compressed natural gas is comprised primarily of methane.

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