Jul 26 Must-Have Insurance for People in Their 20s

Must-Have Insurance for People in Their 20s

Learn which types of insurance are vital for people in their 20s.

When you’re young, you probably don’t have a home or many financial assets. However, this doesn’t mean that you can bypass the protections offered by personal insurance. You may not need homeowners or life insurance just yet, but there are some other policies that you can’t afford to overlook. Here are some of the essential policies that people in their 20s should have.

Health Insurance

While you might be young and healthy, you are not invincible. Should you become ill or get seriously injured, you might be saddled with major medical costs that could leave you in serious debt. Currently, individuals under the age of 26 can remain on their parents’ health insurance policy. However, if you are approaching the cut-off age or cannot rely on your parents’ insurance, then it’s important that you seek this essential coverage.

Renters Insurance

If you are like many in their 20s, you may be living in a rental space. While you are not responsible for protecting the physical structure of your rental space, there are other things you need to protect. Renters insurance not only offers coverage for your personal possessions but also includes personal liability coverage. In some cases, your renters policy may even cover the cost of temporarily living elsewhere if your rental is damaged and currently uninhabitable.

Auto Insurance

Almost every state requires drivers to carry some minimum level of auto insurance. If you own a car, then having the right car insurance is a must. While it might make sense to remain covered under your parent’s auto policy for the time being, once you leave college or move out of your parents’ home, you should look into getting your own auto policy. When looking for car coverage, make sure you speak to an experienced agent to ensure that you are getting the right coverages to address your risks.

These are some of the insurance coverages that everyone in their 20s should have.  Do you have additional questions regarding your personal insurance?  Then don’t hesitate to contact the team at Weeks & Associates Insurance Services in Thousand Oaks, California.  Our experts are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs today.

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