Oct 13 Non-Dairy Foods That Add Lots of Calcium to Your Diet

Find Out Which Non-Dairy Foods Add the Most Calcium to Your Diet

Check out these foods that have plenty of calcium.

It’s important for your body to get plenty of calcium. It’s a vital mineral that helps your body function properly. From building strong bones to helping regulate the circulatory system, plenty of calcium can do your body good. Add more calcium to your diet without having to add more dairy; check out these non-dairy foods that are high in calcium.

Bok Choy.

Leafy green vegetables have plenty of health benefits. From reducing your risk of heart disease to providing a wealth of minerals, plants like bok choy can also give you lots of calcium. Add a cup of this vegetable to any dish for seven percent of your recommended daily calcium value.

Black-Eyed Peas.

Beans are packed nutritional benefits. They’re high in protein, full of fiber, and filled with minerals such as potassium, folate, and calcium. Add a half cup of black-eyed peas to your diet for 18 percent of your daily value of calcium.


It’s not just terrestrial plants that are high in calcium; the aquatic vegetation can be rich in calcium as well! Seaweed is an excellent source of calcium. Add a cup of seaweed to a meal for 13 percent of your daily value of calcium. Plus, it’s full of fiber and iodine which can be beneficial to your health.


Not only are oranges high in vitamin C, but they also have quite a bit of calcium. With about six percent of your daily calcium value, it’s a great, portable way to add a little calcium to your diet.

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