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Number of Children Injured on Home Trampolines Continues to Rise

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics the number of children who sustain trampoline injuries continues to rise. They are discouraging the use of home trampolines stating children can be seriously injured and there is no way to reduce the chances of injuries occurring.

Statistics for Home Trampoline Injuries

According to the latest statistics from 2009, there was a reported 98,000 injuries related to trampolines. Trampoline injuries averaged by age group as follows:

  • Ages 0 to 4 years-old:160 injuries
  • Ages 5 to 14 year-old: 97,840 injuries

Falls accounted for up to 40% of trampoline injuries. Safety netting does not reduce the chances of injuries, in fact it increases it as children seem to enjoy climbing on it. The American Academy of Pediatrics said “climbing the netting increases the risk of injury.” In addition, up to a half of all trampoline injuries occurred when an adult was present.

 Types of Trampoline Injuries

  • Bruises
  • scratches
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated bones

The most common bone that is injured is the ankle. On the rare occasion more serious injuries such as head injuries and neck injuries do occur and sometimes they can leave permanent damage such as paralysis.

The best way to prevent trampoline injuries is to simply not buy one for your kids. There are plenty of other activities they can participant in.

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