Apr 21 Protect Your Business From Subcontractor Hiring Mishaps

Learn How to Protect Your Business From Subcontractor Hiring Mishaps

Protect your business when hiring a subcontractor with these tips!

As a small business owner, sometimes you can be left short-handed. While you may not have the resources to hire a full-time employee, you may be able to hire a subcontractor. However, while hiring a contractor may be cost-effective, it’s important to be cautious about your choices. Check out these tips to help you ensure that you’re protecting your business when hiring a subcontractor.

Worker’s Comp Insurance.

Unless you hire a contractor through a staffing agency, be sure that your subcontractor has their own professional liability insurance. Without it, they can get seriously injured, and you may be liable. Include the requirement in your contract or check with your liability insurance to see if you can add subcontractors on to your policy.

Liability Insurance.

Your clients may require that you and your subcontractor have general liability insurance. That way they’re protected if you or your subcontractor are injured. Be sure to check to see if your contractor has liability insurance. They should have a certificate of liability.

Formal Agreements.

Be sure that you have a formally written contract with your subcontractor. Without a formal contract, you could be left liable for holes in your communication. Have a lawyer look over your contract and ensure that your subcontractor signs it.

Background Check.

Make sure to look into your subcontractor’s past work. It’s important to take the time to be thorough and ensure that your contractor produces quality work. If you fail to check up on them, you could be vulnerable to a negligence claim.

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