Jan 15

Reconsidering Life Insurance in 2014

These days, it seems that everyone is on a budget, and it can be hard to seriously think about taking on an expense that isn’t necessary, and to some life insurance appears to fall into that category, but as 2014 approaches you may want to consider either updating or purchasing a policy for yourself or other members of your family.

Young children are offer very low rates on life insurance, which often build cash value while preparing the entire family for the possibility of an illness or accident that can happen to a child. While many children who struggle with diseases make it through, any issues that they have can affect their future insurability, and some childhood policies are guaranteed to hold to those low rates regardless of what happens. And if all goes well, the value of the policy can be used to contribute to college or other expenses.

If you are part of a young to middle age couple working together to raise a family, it may be difficult to consider what would happen to your spouse and kids if something were to happen to you before the kids reached adulthood or finished college. Term life insurance can usually be purchased at a reasonable rate and can cover those years when you depend on all your sources of income the most. Permanent policies are more costly, but they do continue for the remainder of a person’s life, and will be able to offer survivors with the funds they need to take care of any final arrangements and build on their own future.

At Weeks & Associates Insurance in Thousand Oaks, California we are connected to major insurance providers throughout the state and have grown familiar with a wide range of business and personal policies and we can help you find the policy that is best suited to the needs of you and your family. To get a full picture of all your options, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance today.

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