Feb 21

Remember to Schedule Your Jewelry!

Did you have a romantic Valentine’s Day? Weeks & Associates Insurance Services hopes you did! Remember, if you gave or received an expensive piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day, you may need to get it scheduled separately on your insurance to ensure full coverage.

While standard homeowners insurance and renters insurance covers the possessions in your home, standard policies only insure individual items up to a certain point. To get full coverage of your expensive pieces of jewelry (and other valuable items like art and furs), you need to schedule the item on your insurance policy.

Scheduled items must have their value certified with a receipt or an appraisal. For more information about insuring jewelry, and to learn more about what’s covered under your homeowners insurance policy or renters policy, contact your insurance agent at Weeks & Associates.

We know that your Valentine’s Day gifts are very special, and we want to help you keep them safe with the proper insurance coverage.

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