Jul 9 Risks & Earthquake Insurance Thousand Oaks CA

Are You Ready For The “Next Big One?”

Preparing For California’s Next Earthquake

If you have lived in this beautiful state all of your life, you know that California is earthquake country. While many homeowners neglect the importance of preparing for the “next big one,” we feel it is imperative to start taking action today so that you can be prepared for tomorrow. Gathered are a few essential tips and guiding points to direct you towards full protection:

  • The Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast found that there is a 99.7 percent chance that California will experience an earthquake with a 6.7M or larger within the next 30 years? The same study found that there is a 46 percent chance that a 7.5M earthquake or greater will strike in Southern California within the next 30 years. These statistics emphasize the importance of preparing now, before it is too late.
  • What can a homeowner do to prepare? There are two main things you can do to prepare for an earthquake’s arrival. First, you must create a disaster preparedness plan for you and your family. This plan should include what to do if the kids are at school and you are at work. You should have all necessary emergency supplies and important documents ready in your kit should a disaster occur. The second step is to obtain earthquake insurance. These policies are the only way you can avoid being 100 percent responsible for repairing or replacing your home after a damaging earthquake.
  • Most importantly, the earthquake risks are present, so do not make the mistake of assuming you are protected. The only way to protect yourself is by planning ahead, thoroughly preparing, and obtaining earthquake insurance.

Contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services in Thousand Oaks for all of your California earthquake insurance needs. The importance of understanding the risks and earthquake insurance in Thousand Oaks, California cannot be stressed enough. Are you ready for the “next big one?”

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