Jun 10 Safe Driving for Teens During Summer

Talk To Your Teen: Safe Summer Driving

Safe Driving For Teens During Summer

Summer break is finally here, and your teen is probably overjoyed. It is especially exciting for teen drivers, who know that freedom from school can be fully taken advantage of with their license. As the summer will likely bring more time behind the wheel, though, it also brings an increased exposure to risk. To ensure safe driving for teens during summer, put these tips into practice.

  • Ditch Distraction: Your teen is inexperienced in the driver’s seat, so distractions can be especially problematic for him or her. Help your son or daughter get into the practice of setting up the radio and climate control and putting the phone on silent in the glove box before the key is ever put in the ignition to minimize potential distractions.
  • Gear Up With Graduated Driving: Most states have graduated driver laws, meaning your teen should not have passengers in the car until he or she has passed a certain amount of time with a driver’s license. Even if you do not have state regulations to go by, consider setting guidelines around the number of passengers your teen can have to avoid distracted driving.
  • Realize You Are A Role Model: Your teen has likely adopted some of his or her driving behaviors because of years spent watching you behind the wheel. To help encourage safe driving habits in your teen, make sure you are driving safely yourself.

One way you can help protect your teen on the road this summer is by ensuring he or she is added to your auto insurance policy. To talk with an insurance agent who will make covering your teen driver a breeze, contact Weeks & Associates Insurance Services. We have years of experience helping teen drivers in Thousand Oaks get the California coverage they need, so call us today!

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