Mar 17

Spring Cleaning Preparation Tips

Spring is on the way, and for many people, that means that it is getting close to the time when the whole house is turned upside down and scrubbed until it sparkles. Before you start spring cleaning, use these homeownersSpring cleaning tips to make sure that you are prepared. Having everything ready before you get started means that you will be able to clean and organize uninterrupted by random trips to the store to retrieve items that you missed.

1. Cleaning supplies. Make sure that you have the appropriate cleaning supplies before you start. You will probably want glass cleaner, wood cleaner, and an all-purpose cleaner.

2. Bags and boxes. When emptying closets and decluttering the house, a good supply of large plastic trash bags is essential. You will be able to stuff unwanted clothing in the bags, and you may also want some boxes to hold oddly shaped household items. Once an item goes into the donation bag or box, don’t let anyone fish it back out.

3. Equipment. Do you need to rent a carpet cleaner? Will you need a ladder to reach ceiling fans or the tops of cabinets? Is your vacuum cleaner working properly? Don’t waste valuable time finding these items on cleaning day. Have them at your house the night before.

4. Rags and Paper Towels. Paper towels are good for icky, disgusting messes in the bathroom, but a good supply of old rags will clean better and hold up under vigorous scrubbing. Rags are also more environmentally friendly since they can be washed and reused.

5. Pails and buckets. You may want two sizes of pails for cleaning. A large bucket will be perfect for mopping. A smaller bucket will be easier to handle on a ladder when you are cleaning the ceiling fans, and it is handier for cleaning baseboards.

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