Jan 28 Super Bowl Party and Homeowners Liability

Your Liability As A Super Bowl Party Host

Tips To Reduce Your Liability As A Host

Have you been called up from the bench to host this year’s Super Bowl party? While it can feel exciting to head out to the line of scrimmage, a fumble can leave you legally liable since you were the party’s host. Protect yourself from facing a court battle by limiting your exposure with these tips.

  • Make sure that you offer plenty of filling foods and non-alcoholic beverages to ensure that no one is drinking on an empty stomach or when dehydrated. If one of your guests drinks and drives, you could be held responsible for having served him or her alcohol. Do not be afraid to take keys away to protect yourself, and be prepared to call a cab or offer a place to sleep to keep the roads safe that night.
  • Do not get caught in a legal battle because someone becomes sick from the food served at your party. Even if you did not prepare it, if you put it out you are liable because you served the dish. If anything looks suspect, toss it out. If you are ordering food from a pizza place or somewhere else, make sure you choose a reputable establishment.
  • Take your responsibility as a host seriously. Do not be afraid to decline guests who have had enough to drink, and be prepared to force people to make the safe transportation choice. Make sure you do not have too much to drink so you can stay aware of all of your guests’ needs.

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