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Sep 9 Why Your Small Business Needs Cyber Liability Insurance

Why Your Small Business Needs Cyber Liability Insurance

While technology usage increases, the attacks on businesses does too! Businesses upload sensitive data online, such as employees contact details, bank details, social security numbers, as well as important vendor and client information. It’s no wonder that hackers are learning that businesses are a gold-mine. Often passwords are predictable and firewalls can be brought down. Read More

Sep 2 national preparedness month

Organize for National Preparedness Month: September

Celebrate National Preparedness Month by staying on top of all safety precautions! September is the month to prepare your home, pets, car, and documents in order. Be sure to get covered and prepare for an emergency in all aspects. In California, wild fires are frequent, tornadoes and hurricanes are possible, earthquakes are likely, and power Read More

Jan 6

Reduce Waste After the Holidays: Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Dispose of your live Christmas tree in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner after the holidays. There are several options available for recycling live trees. Curbside Pickup: Many areas will collect live Christmas trees during their regular trash pickup schedules for several weeks following the holiday season. Be sure to check with your trash pickup before putting Read More

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