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Jul 9 Risks & Earthquake Insurance Thousand Oaks CA

Are You Ready For The “Next Big One?”

Preparing For California’s Next Earthquake If you have lived in this beautiful state all of your life, you know that California is earthquake country. While many homeowners neglect the importance of preparing for the “next big one,” we feel it is imperative to start taking action today so that you can be prepared for tomorrow. Read More

Oct 10

Protecting Your Business With Disaster Insurance Policies

Business owners have a responsibility to go above and beyond to protect their business. Without the proper insurance policies in place, you leave your business vulnerable to disaster and harm. While you may think that as a business owner you do not have to think about insurance for disasters, many organizations have experienced financial ruin Read More

Aug 19

Ending the Confusion Surrounding Earthquake Insurance

When you buy a home, particularly in an earthquake-prone area such as Southern California, you need to understand what your homeowners insurance will and will not provide coverage for. If your home or possessions are damaged due to an earthquake, chances are that your home insurance will not cover it. Just like the requirement to Read More

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